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Future of F2C

From: From: Palestra - N.Mary Aug 13, 2000

To the Dear Friends Racers;

Already, from the end of the decade of 60, we worried here in Brazil in creating a modality of character promotional and that motivated the new race apprentices' appearance. In this time for us everything was more difficult. In South America we learned how to practice race through magazines and everything had to do. Now although the technique is still more hurried as regards to motors, tank, models and helixes, they are more the hand. At that time in Europe he/she was practiced already Good Year.

That for terms difficulties of import of the motors and of the fuels with addictive exotic, for us expensive and difficult of acquiring. As there were Super among us many motors diesel Tiger, it remains of the apprentices of F2C, we created a category whose models were of very simple construction: horizontal fuselage, built of two amounts (a crutch): wing glued in the bass line and stabilizer glued in the line of top of this fuselage: commands and tank totally external anything sausage, we stipulated in you call it " Mini-Fai ".

A lot of couples Appeared and as we objectified, many started to practice the F2C. It happened the difficulty of getting the motors Diesel and with my stop in 1981 (Retirement and other things) for five years, this modality 'Míni Fai " left of being practiced. In 1986 I practiced again tends my son pilot's Wellington, but the category F2C, for the sophistication and suffered technical evolution, began to lose followers. We would have to find a way to motivate new apprentices. We made a study than it was done by Europe, England and others were strong in Good Year.

Portugal and Spain, they made an adaptation of GY and they created National GY, US had Rat Racing, Argentina practiced the Míni GY with motors PAW 1,5cc. it was when two Brazilian modelers decided to produce a motor .25, 4cc Glow, with a characteristics that it is maintained even today, of diffusing hot, thing that the other motors produced here didn't possess.

We made some tests in an old model of those Mini-Fai, he was so old that gave the little grandpa name. With a tank of 10 cc, he/she gave around 17 turns, to approach at the F2C we placed a tank of 20cc. An egg of Columbus, because, with cables of l5,92m he propitiated us very close conditions of the F2C. Therefore it animated others of our club and we accomplished some competitions. We finished the year of l987 with 5 teams of beginners.

We made a regulation sketch, tends as objective the human element, not the equipment. So that any beginner it could compete in equality. Motor up to 4cc(Fabricação Brazilian without ball bearing and standard of it manufactures) I Model (profiled Fuselage, wing and estabilizer distanced at least in 4 cm. free area) Tank (20cc with replenish for a bottle without pressurization) with court of the fuel (Shut Off). Fuel (4 parts of Methanol for 1 of Castor Oil, to be supplied by the direction of the competition).

All the other items would follow the regulation of F2C. As I number it of participants it increased, we stipulated to call of Race it Formulates Brazil, we requested the approval of the modality for the ABA (Brazilian association of airplane modeler) that included in Brazilian National Championship . of l989 and it counted with 15 teams. Appearing of them new participants in F2C, of three teams passed for seven teams, by virtue of that the only alteration was the one of the motor diesel that many of the times were to easier to give the departure, because the regulatory ritual no longer it was more problems and soon they got used with the speed and characteristics of the F2C. The participation of the veteran ones, in our necessary opinion that besides serving of mirror to the beginners we still had conditions of rendering help and orientation to them in situations of difficulties, it was criticized strongly, provoking the removal of the veteran ones. Without the mirror the beginners' dispersion began, for configuring as a modality for beginners and without expression, making them to feel inferiorities. Only reducing the practice for two or three teams. After W/Ch of Rep.

Czech, it appeared a gentleman that lamentably in the moment I don't remind the name, looking for suggestion and ideas for her to get to do something to motivate the practice of the Race. Today we observed that there is a general concern with this I objectify, being instituted in a global way a category with propensity for Good Year, with motors diesel cylinder/piston of iron, fuselage with silhouette of real airplanes Good Year and there was even who suggested the identical painting to real GY. Details irrelevant, in our opinion and of the other members of our club PALESTRA OF SÃO BERNARDO (Constituted in the totality of Racers, five teams up to now the largest force of the F2C of South America) the globally of the modality motivates is not important, the important is that each area or country finds inside of its possibilities a way to be formed new participants of F2C and not the escape and annulment of the F2C for its technical characteristics, with the global dispute concentrated on a new race modality.

Nelson Pedro Mary-PT 40 Mecan. - São Paulo Brazil (competition modeler from l950 V.L. /gliders / 1954 F1A, - l955 CL/TR-B AMA, l959 Marathon 1.000laps TR-B, -l966 TR F2C).