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French Diesel Good Year Racing:
An Eficient Epproach of Modern Team Racing for Young Teams

  From   John Paul PERRET


During a long time, 10 years or more the selection for F2C French Team was easy. There were only two or three teams in France. If two of them were competitive, the third was not and was selected in the only purpose that France exists in the WC or EC national team classifications. The rare good teams we had, took their experience in other countries in taking part in all the high level competitions in Europe.. In 1990 our club decided to prepare the future in interesting young modellers in practising and competing control line Racing. We had one modelling school in BlÚnod with a dozen of young boys ( 12 - 14 years old ), and we proposed them two ways to go to the high level competition and to take the chance to integrate in the future the junior French Team: Stunt and Racing . To day we are organising a similar method for Speed. For Team Racing the problem, at that time was the same as to day. How to launch inexperienced young teams in a so difficult class? How to give them any chance to find fun and pleasure we found ten or twenty years ago when we began? We looked for an answer in others countries like Great Britain or USA where there were a lot of Racing classes. But we chose another way.

The Team

The new class must look like F2C to interest young people and must limit the participation of expert to protect young people against old has been F2C teams sometimes interested by easier class to take some pleasure, with less work and cost, for easy victories. We thought also that all these modellers have their task in this new class: To teach the newcomers and transmit them their own knowledge in Team Racing. So, we decided to compose the team with no more than one expert. If you flew or fly F2C you are expert, even if you are junior. If you win the French Good year Diesel Championship you become expert. So to continue in that class you are obliged to constitute a new team the next season. I understand that it is difficult to control that rule in international competitions, You can cancel it , but the class will loose something positive and we shall see how many newcomers will enter this class .

The Model

We decided that the model has to be similar as Team Racer in its shape and in it construction. So the wing of a French Diesel Goodyear racer is fully identical to our F2C wing ( same dimensions, same profile, same technology for building, same covering, same bellcrank, pushrod and horn.........) It is easier to teach and to learn. The only difference is perhaps the weight, we are not so demanding in French Diesel Goodyear than in F2C. But the weight of a complete wing is around 110 grams with the bellcrank. The fuselage is a profile fuselage ( 25 mm max ) Easy to build, strong, not sophisticated. The landing gear is a piece of 2mm steel or titanium with a TR wheel.

The Engine

For us this class is only a step to go to F2C, so it is important to choose an engine which can be transferred easily from a GY racer to a first Team Racer. In 1992 we met Oleg VOROBIEV and asked him to study the question and to propose something in that way. Some months later he brought us 12 engines which looked like F2C Front Exhaust V 15. The only differences were in the quality and tolerance of some parts ( cylinder piston and ballbearings ). He prepared special drums for horizontally position of the engine on profile fuselage. The prize of a such engine was 150 US$ ( that means 75 US$ for each member of the team........not so expensive !) To day these engines equips always Goodyear racers. Some began a new life in Team Racing, with or without modifications (new cylinders). They permitted to prepare for racing a dozen of new teams, and at the end of the way five good level F2C teams.

The volume of the tank is limited at 15cc and two pitstops are mandatory. The model must have a cut off system. For Vorobiev multifunction backplate this function is included. The stock of V15 Goodyear engines being empty, I test now to convert old MOKI 15 TR for the same purpose. That will be finished in the beginning of 2001. We bought an old stock of spare parts and we have only to change liners and piston ( AAC instead of ABC ) and to prepare new drums for multifunction valves. After that we shall try to decide a Russian or Ukrainian producer to study the question to produce a new Good Year engine. Two are working with us and the challenge is not lost to decide them. Some other team tried successfully to use the Profi TR junior. Very fast but it seems more difficult. But we have to test and if necessary to change something to give it more smoothness. We tested many kinds of propellers but at the end we chose to fly only with APC pylon 6x6,5, it is enough to fly 22s/10laps.

Other equipment

In addition of your model, you need also a refuelling system, a finger valve, a helmet, a watch and some tools . You can buy the refuelling system , but you can easily built it. There were a lot of drawings for building such thing. I shall publish a new one in few weeks. For the finer valve I think it is better to buy . It is not very expensive, and you can save time.

The Fuel

We use a quite similar fuel than in F2C class: 35% Ether,   10 % Castrol M,   55% Kerosene (or Kerdane)   +2% DII3 .   No TEL , sometimes Lubrizol 52

The races

Same rules than F2C . We just ask to the jury ( yes we need a jury, and his educational function is important) to be more tolerant for the non expert part of team and to be as strict as in TR for the other expert part and to explain his decisions after the heat in commenting them with the team members. To take the same rules than in F2C means that the races are 3 teams races. The target is to teach and learn FAI Team Racing ! And if there is an expert pilot in each race it is better. He has to organize and explain to the non expert pilots what happens in the centre and how to act in difficult situations. Near the mechanic ( if he is beginner ) there is often an counsellor to give him instruction for safety during the pitstops.

A French Diesel Goodyear Racer flies now between 21s/10 laps and 25 s/10 laps. It is enough to learn the basics of the F2C flight and to understand the relative positions of the pilots during all the phases of a race. The job of the mechanic is very similar in GY and in TR. To keep the engine in good temperature by a good setting and warming and to make the best and fastest gestures during pitstops.


There are certainly other ways to approach, and learn F2C. But our class permitted us to progress from 3 teams in 1990 to 12 teams in 1999. And we can hope that there will be several more next years in looking at the GR teams. We have to hope in young people and to help them. Refusing to fly or to mechanize in a newcomer team is condemning the class to the death. This year, I pit for a 11 years old boy, and Jean flies for a 43 years newcomer. My daughter pits for a 15 years old girl (...yes, two girls together), and her pilot flies with another newcomer. How to refuse to fly with a young pitman or to pit with a young pilot? The level of Team Race in France is now very high. It is difficult to win a ticket to enter in the French Team. And that will be more and more difficult in the future. The new teams are coming, younger pilots, experienced mechanics are pushing old team out of the selection. But the performances are growing and it is good for F2C and Control line. Derek's proposition to invite the national aero-clubs to uniform the rules of a second Racing class is certainly the best proposition to prepare new teams and to give them experience. But this class must really prepare to go to Team Racing, and not a new event for people who want to play and fly with toys looking like team racers. Some amendments of our rules are certainly hopeful but if these rules are too denatured, we shall have the same results in a couple of years.

In some weeks I shall publish drawings, notes and pictures about French Diesel Good Year Racing. After we try to purchase all the stuff to build and fly Good Year. (kits, wings, drawings.........)