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This web page was designed to use contributions of the clracing members.

Examples are:

  • Longer and particularly noteworthy commentaries, sometimes adjoined with interesting responses.
  • Model details and some reposts of items in the FILES area of the clracing newsgroup in a way that is, at least to some, more accessible.
  • Contest and fly-in reports also from the Files area and independently contributed in the standard HTML format.
  • Some technical articles and rules in the PDF format which allows high quality reproduction and printing in a format that is widely available. The PDF reader is available in Mac, Windows® , and most UNIX platforms, in fact built in to the SUN platforms.
  • Older articles or publications of interest that have been reformatted in the PDF format.
  • Any other material or subject matter classification the members suggest to Brian and can be implemented here in HTML or PDF format. There is a significant amount of available space so contribute as you can

If you have run across this searching the web, go back to the clracing page and find out how to enroll in the group.