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Pete, "Worldchampionship in Fesselflug", which means "constrained" or "chained" flight. I'll just translate it as "tethered." Under that it says "We invite all friends of tethered flying models for the year 2002 from July 15 until July 22 to Sebnitz on the edge of the Saxon Switzerland." The "Saxon Switzerland" is a beautiful mountainous area located just east of where the Elbe flows from the Czech Republic into Germany, about 20 miles SE of Dresden. It has nothing to do with Switzerland, except that "Saechsische Schweiz" sounds good in German. We would probably call the region the Saxon Alps. There are gorgeous cliffs overlooking the Elbe from which you can look down into the Czech Republic and north to the haze sitting over Dresden. Stebnitz seems to be some small town down there SE of Dresden. Just above the picture the article says "Your participation and support are welcomed by us. We expect about 600 competitors from more than 35 nations. The competition will take place over 7 days on the entire sport complex in Sebnitz. The opening (ceremony) will be at the Sebnitz Marketplace. The WM Center is located in the outskirts of the town at the Sport and Recreation Complex SOLIVITAL. Food for the competitors will be provided in this sport and recreational facility." I don't know what WM means. Note that the caption says "Our WM-Auto at the air show in Dresden." Then it describes the facility for the four events and stuff about parking. Nothing about housing, how to get there, or how to enter. Does this help? Bill