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Text Book References

Currently Available Dover Press Books on Aerodynamics and Related Topics

von Mises, Richard
0-486-60541-8, soft cover, 629 pp., $16.95
Notes: Introduction to physical phenomena and mathematical concepts of fluid dynamics. Widely recommended for clarity, though limited to incompressible fluids.

This is my favorite. Written by the man who wrote the FIRST textbook on aerodynamics. After teaching in three other languages he ended up teaching at Harvard.

THEORY OF WING SECTIONS: Including a Summary of Airfoil Data
Abbott,Ira H. and von Doenhoff,A. E.
0-486-60586-8, soft cover, 693pp., $14.95
Notes: Concise compilation of subsonic aerodynamic characteristics of NACA wing sections, plus description of theory. 350 pages of tables.

This book has coordinates and diagrams of all the NACA airfoils and describes the way the NACA numbering system works. A nice adjunct to Dr. M. Selig's web site.

Bisplinghoff, Raymond L. ;Ashley, H.
0-486-61349-6, soft cover, 538 pp., $12.95
Notes: Both a handbook for aircraft and missile engineers, and a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate levels of study, this work incisively presents the general methods of constructing static and dynamic equations and the basics of aeroelastic theory from the philosophical standpoint of a continuum based on the equations of forced motion of the elastic flight vehicle.Index.

Milne-Thomson, L. M.
0-486-61980-X, soft cover, 450 pp., $10.95
Notes: This contemporary classic is directed to advanced undergraduate, graduate and professional levels of study. Topics range from two- and three-dimensional airfoils to subsonic and supersonic flow and a famous chapter on conical flow around swept back wings. Profusely illustrated. With exercises.

Ashley, H.; Landahl, M.
0-486-64899-0, soft cover, 288 pp., $10.95
Notes: This rigorous, graduate-level text in classical aerodynamic theory includes a review of the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and coverage of constant-density inviscid flow; singular perturbation problems; effects of viscosity; thin-wing theory; slender-body theory; drag at supersonic speeds and much more.

Thwaltes, B. (ed.)
0-486-65465-6, soft cover, 654 pp., $16.95
Notes: An account of the theory and observation of the steady flow of incompressible fluid past airfoils, wings and other bodies, this standard reference work, ideal for graduate-level students and professional engineers, is indispensable not only to those working in aeronautics, but also to those involved in gas turbines, pumps and compressors, more.

Ashley, Holt
0-486-67213-1, soft cover, 386 pp., $13.95
Notes: Excellent graduate-level text explores subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic aerodynamics. Many helpful problems. Bibliography. 'A fine book ....'-Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal. 1974 edition.

Fung, Y. C.
0-486-67871-7, soft cover, 498 pp., $15.95
Notes: An introductory chapter of this superb advanced-level text covers concepts of aerodynamics, elasticity and mechanical vibrations. Chapters 2 through 11 contain a survey of aeroelastic problems. Chapters 12 through 15 contain the fundamentals of oscillating airfoil theory and a brief summary of experimental results. 1969 edition.

Wayne Johnson
0-486-68230-7, soft cover, 1089 pp., $24.95
Notes: Monumental engineering text offers comprehensive, detailed coverage of every aspect of theory and design: elements of vertical flight, forward flight, performance, mathematics of rotating systems, rotary wing dynamics and aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, stability and control, stall, noise and more. Essential reading for any student or aeronautical engineer interested in the design and development of vertical-flight aircraft. 189 illustrations. Bibliography. 1980 edition.

Even if you are not interested in helicopters this book and the one below are good books for modern propeller theory and some associated wind tunnel data. The helicopter tip Mach numbers are similar to those on model airplane props and they have a Reynolds number problem, even though it is an order of magnitude less than ours.

Stepniewski, W. Z.; Keys, C. N.
0-486-64647-5, soft cover, 640 pp., $16.95
Notes: Concise, graduate-level introduction provides students of helicopter and aeronautical engineering with an understanding of the aerodynamic phenomenon of the rotor. In addition, it furnishes the tools for quantitative evaluation of both rotor performance and the helicopter as a whole.

Bisplinghoff, Raymond L.; Ashley, Holt and Hallman,Robert L.
0-486-69189-6, soft cover, 880 pp., $24.95
Notes: Highly regarded text deals not only with aeroelasticity but with underlying aerodynamic and structural tools. Incompressible flow, flutter, model theory, much more. Appendixes. References. Over 300 illustrations. 1955 edition.