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Christopher Columbus Park, Arizona

Tucson is the principal nearby city. thge park is at approximately 32o10' N , 110o 57W and at an altitude of 2040 feet. In March the average high is 72oF with the extreme highs of 91oF and 57oF.

The page linked below has a graph of average temperature temperatrue standard deviation against time of day for the first five months of the year at Tucson      TEMPERATURE GRAPH

The motel used by the VSC is the Rodeway Inn at 1365 W. Grant. It is marked with a star newr the bottom of the map below. the phone there is 520-622-7791. On the VSC it usually fills up early. Adjacent to it is the Hampton Inn at 1375 W. Grant. 520-206-0602 and offers the closest alternative, less than 1 minute from the airplane display at the Rodeway's swimming pool.