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Two Line Drag


The drag of control lines is the dominant feature of control line speed and racing competition. This note is a short review of past efforts to understand and reduce line drag (covered in the overview section), the current status vis-a-vis F2C (in the F2C Status section) and some notes on the factors that should alter current thinking on what to do with the lines, line exits and so-on (as discussed in the analysis section).

The emphasis is on two-line systems. A technical write up of the line drag analysis that I have done is available in PDF format and a Windows computer program for preparing estimates of line drag and shape is also available.

In addition, a few references are given in the way of a bibliography and a starting point if any one is interested in finding out a little more.

To download the line drag program click on this :  DOWNLOAD

To download a technical paper that details the analysis upon which the program is based (201kb) click this:  LineDrag2000.PDF