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Line Drag References


This list contains documents referred to in the text as well as a few standard text books that cover parts of the mechanics of flow that dominate the drag of circular cylinders at sub critical Reynolds numbers. I have not, however, listed Anatoly Roscov paper (and Cal Tech Doctoral Dissertation) on vortex shedding and a definitive set of tests for the Strouhal number of circular cylinders because it is not easily available. He later replaced Hans Liepmann as head of the Cal Tech Aero Department.

The MIT paper has been reproduced and included in this set of pages as MIT Paper.

Hoerner's book is a classic "Handbook" for drag estimation. Still published ad available from

Schlicting is a standard text that has had many editions. I don't know the most current edition but any one will have the material appropriate to line drag.

There is no easy source for old Aeromodeller Annuals, I may try to scan it in and put it on the web.

Don Monson used control line to develop propeller data for free flight.

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