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Unit Conversion and
Atmospheric Constants

This section contains several pages of physical constants and conversion factors that aeromodellers are likely to need. They have been taken from two principal sources

Feel free to borrow these pages for whatever use you may have, however it is a good idea to retain the NASA credits on each page to maintian some traceability.

Pay some attention to the warning about the section on force and mass. In order to maintain both a unit conversion consistent with aeromodelling practice and physics I have included, for example, both the kilogram force and the kilogram mass. Kilograms are a unit of mass, of course, but in some common usage it is also the force exerted by the weight of a 1 kilogram mass due to standard sea level gravity. The distinction is noted by using abbreviations such as kg and kgf for the mass and force, respectively.




   Force and Mass

   Energy, Work, and Power

   Standard Atmosphere at Sea Level