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Dreams and Hopes

Enrico Mauletti wonders if he's alone in finding the direction for control line racing..

5K Lap Postal Rules

Rules for the international five thousand lap postal contest held in the spring of 2000.

Future TR or Survival of the Past

Georges and Pascal Surugue; French F2C fliers weigh in for a fast future with some cogent thoughts. Responses from Derek Heaton and Doc Jackson

Future of Team Racing and the French Goodyear Program

Monsieur PERRET provides another view of a continued `Rapide' future. Also a detailed review of the successful French Diesel Goodyear rules and program.

TR Future Symposium at Landres

Derek Heaton provides notes and commentary on the informal meeting on the future of TR held at the 2000 World Championships.

Future of F2C

Nelson Pedro Mary of Brazil provides a commentary and a an outline of the long, hard, and successful efforts to build F2C teams that can compete anywhere in the world.

Simple TR

STR provisional rules presented by Andy Sweetland. This is a PDF document so you will have to have the Adobe reader to see it. Also a briefing that presents the rationale for STR is available in PDF. Try it, more information should be presented like this!   STR Brief  (about 450 k download)

Piloting in Modern F2C Events

Rob Fitzgerald's commentary and guidelines for the modern pilot.