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About the clracing newsgroup

About the clracing newsgroup:  How it got started; what it's for; how to join it.

Rules and Commentaries

Proposed or provisional RULES, and collected postings from the clracing e-group that have been selected because of the insights provided or long-term interest provokes.


R ecent and upcoming contests and events. The US F2c team selection for Sebnitz at Whittier Narrows, the Swiss FLIP and others.

Members Links

M embers home page URL's. From there you can get to almost any link or resource on the web that is relevant to C/L racing.


P hotos, drawings, and data on C/L racers and pitch gauge.

Aero Notes

N otes of a moderate technical level that attempt to explain or speculate, provide engineering analysis or experimental data .

Archives and Venues

M aterial from various sources that is not contemporary. Some fun, some interesting. For now just a start at describing various competition sites. Whittier Narrows in California and some of its history starts it then Tucson and a litttle Sebnitz. A republication of Marlon Gofast's article on flying, too.

F2C Prop

C omputer design of an F2C prop. Some data and graphs, not all fully explained but possibly enough to make you ask quentions.


T ransiTrace timing of the Brown/Fogg AMA B speed record. This device, explained on Goran's page has application to racing.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some of the documents not published in HTML are available in PDF format. This is to insure that no proprietary readers or formats are required. If you want to get the Acrobat Reader 4.0, select the logo above, a link to the Adobe site for a free download. It can be plugged in to your browser so that documents may either be saved and read off line or read in the browser.