Prop Pitch Calculation

A propeller pitch distribution program has been written and has gone through some personal `beta' testing. It is a `console mode' program and has been tested on Win98, WinMe, and Windows NT 4.0 (these are all registered trademarks or close to it).

An explanation of some of the ideas used and the "goesintas" are documented at my web page Microaeronautics

I can e-mail you the program ( or I can run a case for you and send you the results.

Example F2C Calculations

This page shows some results using the program to compute pitch distribution on an F2C propeller with two blades. The program estimates and takes in to account inflow and the effect of Mach number as well as the standard engine speed, flight speed, and airfoil characteristics.

The first page lists the input aircraft, atmosphere, and propeller charactersitsics as well as a number of parameters derived from it. The remaining pages show the distribution of Mach number, blade element efficiency, pitch, and blade angle.

INPUT           Data input to and calculated by the program

MACH   Mach number distribution along the blade.

EFFICIENCY   Blade element efficiency including inflow and tip losses.

PITCH   Pitch distribution.

ANGLE           Blade angle distribution