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The clracing e-group was started by Brian Fairey with the first e-mail shown below: The people who received Göran Olsson's Circulator e-mail were invited. And many of them joined making the initial subscription truly international.

Both of the two e-mails below were written in the first month of 1999. They summarize how to join and related questions as well as the time history of the first few weeks in the life of the group.

From: Brian Fairey

Date: Sat Jan 30, 1999 5:18pm

Subject: Welcome to the clracing E-Mail Group for the exchange of information of those who build and race control line model aircraft.

Group Manager:

To subscribe, send a message to or go to the e-group's home page at

Hi guys, I thought that a list just for racers would be a good idea. At least we don't have to read rec-models-rc?? I also created a list for engine builders:

If you are having troubles with egroups check http://www.egroups/com/info/help.html for FAQ's

Brian. Ont, Canada.

From: Goran Olsson

Nice to see the mailing list is running - on trickle for now.

I'm preparing an announcement of this list and the lists for the other categories that Brian was kind enough to start, to all 350 receivers of The Circulator, and soon we'll be doing 17.0 :-)