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The prototype of Goran Olsson's photoelectric timer "TransiTrace" that timed F2A at the World Championships at Landres, France was used at the speed meet at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in Los Angeles County, California in the 19th of May, 2001, to capture the Brown/Fogg AMA class "B" speed record. The speeds and lap times shown below start with the first lap in the pylon.

The lap time graph at the bottom of the page shows both the record and the back up. Comparison of the graph with the manual watches that were used to produce the record data shows the TransitTrace speed to be higher by at least 1 mi/hr than the watch average. At the record speed a 0.1 second error is almost 2 mi/hr. These lap-by-lap times might also be used by competitors to abort flights that are not going to advance them in position. For details see Goran's site Göran Olsson