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Tucson, Arizona is the site for the famous winter respite contest set beginning with the VSC.

US Team Select

US F2C Team Trials at the Narrows on 22/23 September 2001. Preliminary inforamtion including Results anf first photos.

October at the Narrows

Whittier Narrows, California contest and F2C fly in. People from great distances compete in Mouse, Fox, TQR, Clown -- and test F2C.         "A Day At The Races".

Turin Contest

Text and photos from Enrico Mauletti, Fulvio Miani, and Carlo Guasco..


Andy Sweetland tells the story of the "Swiss FLIP". 5000 laps with photos and text. Plus details of the Grand Event in other nations.


Potos from our Spanish Language sister group. This set of five pages are primarily racing at Rafela, Argentina. A selection of `Goodyear' class and F2C airplanes and racers.