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Whittier Narrows, California

Whittier Narrows is located in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Located approximately 34o05' N, 118o 03' W at 300 feet (95m) above MSL it adjoins the town of South El Monte. In light freeway traffic it is about 45 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport and the Pacific Ocean. An alternate destination is Ontario International Airport, about a 30 minute drive to the East.

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The Los Angeles County Whittier Narrows Recreation Area has been in existence a long time. The model flying field, and especially the control line facility, is there primarily because of one individual. In 1957 John Gudrangian lived in the vicinity of Western and Manchester Avenues in the city of Los Angeles. He had a fifteen year old son, John Junior, that was active in control line flying.

Around 1963 the family moved to a location West of the Whittier Narrows area, near the town of El Monte. There were no acceptable sites for control line flying near there and flying sites in general were informal arrangements that were dying out fast.

John began an energetic pursuit of the idea to put such a facility in the Whittier Narrows area. He was a painting contractor by trade and, because of this, had numerous contacts in County Government. He used them to understand the appeals process and to present his material in the best way. He made numerous presentations and visits and had the help of Los Angeles County control line clubs. The presentations sometimes used the phrase "Some place where a boy can go to fly his model airplane."

In a few years the idea was accepted and the area for the current facility reserved, and the flying circles and cage constructed. Primarily because of this man, the site is one of the premiere sites in the Western Hemisphere for control line speed and also among the best for control line racing.

Motel accommodations are about a ten minute drive from the Narrows. Currently the "Motel 6" in Rosemead is favored because of the room rates, a Holliday in, somewhat more expensive but near a large shopping mall is also available but you will need a car.

Motel 6 1001 San Gabriel Blvd. , Rosemead CA. Phone: 818-280-6992  Fax: 818-280-6992
Holiday Inn Express 705 N. San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead CA   Phone: 323-726-1111   
Ramada Suites 1089 Santa Anita Ave. So. El Monte CA   Phone: 818-350-9588 or 800-685-2186  FAx: 818-350-3849