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Other Web Sites of Interest

There are other web sites with information relating to control line model aircraft propellers. The ones mentioned here are not the only list, nor do I agree with all the statements made on them. There will be contradictions among us and other incompatibilities and, as usual, the craftsman is left to decide from himself what to try. These sites are mentioned because I think they bear reading and study.

My site,  Microaeronautics  has additional material on propellers and other model aircraft flight topics.

Sherlock's site   Supercool Propellers   from Australia makes and sells carbon fiber propellers. I have seen them and they are beautifully produced. The site has lots of interesting things, although the page on transonic airfoils is completely wrong. The statements about 'upside down' airfoils on modern day jet transports because they produce lift at high Mach number is specious. This kind of section is used on some (DC-8 was a prime example) to correct wing/fuselage interference.

Dr. Martin Hepperle's site is of interest not only for propellers but aerodynamics and models in general. A professional aerodynamicist with extensive wind tunnel and academic experience, there are many aspects of his site that bear study and scrutiny. See  Model Aerodynamics.